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Donnerstag, Juni 18, 2009

SVN trunk is not for production use!

I just added a README file concerning production use to the root of tine20 trunk:
Do not use the Tine 2.0 SVN trunk version on a production server:
The trunk should be seen as a development code and *not* suitable for production use.

Production servers should only run the official Tine 2.0 releases from

The Tine 2.0 SVN trunk
- will contain new features that have only undergone limited testing and may corrupt data and/or return incorrect results.
- may create database formats/tables that are not upgradable to future releases of Tine 2.0. Databases created by official Tine 2.0 releases will be upgradable to future versions.
- may not supply update scripts for database or other changes. It might be necessary to uninstall and reinstall applications for the changes to take effect.

Nevertheless we highly appreciate testing of the SVN trunk and user feedback and/or bugreports:
You can send bugreports via
- the build in bugreporting tool.
- the forum (
- the bugtracker (

We also like to have your feedback to new features and suggestions for improvements. You may put these in our forum at as well.

Now go and have fun with Tine 2.0 ... :)
We are going to the LinuxTag in Berlin in the next week. Come and meet us there at our booth if you like ... :)

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