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Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2008

profiling with xdebug and KCacheGrind

One of my last tasks was to rewrite the functions for searching for contacts in the Addressbook application. At one point, I wondered why it took so long to fetch some contacts from the database and display them in the addressbook.

To analyze the control flow of the searchContacts() function, I used xdebug to create a profiling log and KCacheGrind to visualize the the function calls, the execution time and the control flow of tine 2.0.

After I got accustomed to this kind of visualisation, I quickly found the function that was responsible for the long execution times and was able to improve it and make it faster.

We plan to implement caching of data in the next milestone to improve the performance even more.

If you want to know more about profiling with xdebug read this article.

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Montag, Juli 14, 2008

fusion, slr und so kram

mein letzter post ist schon wieder ne weile her, auch diesmal will ich mich kurz fassen ...

* die fusion war wieder sehr toll (eine schöne möglichkeit ums sich nen eindruck zu verschaffen, ist diese flickr-gruppe), wenn auch sehr voll (ca. 53.000 leutchen waren da)

* ich hab mir endlich wieder ne kamera gekauft ... und zwar eine canon eos 450d

* das bedeutet: es gibt auch wieder neue bilder auf meinem flickr-account zu bewundern

nächstes wochenende bin ich mal wieder in der alten heimat. wie es da wohl jetzt aussieht??

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eclipse, mylyn and mantis

I just installed the Mylyn plugin for Eclipse and connected it to our mantis bugtracker. Mylyn is an integrated task management system for eclipse that allows you to keep track of all tasks of your project. It manages task contexts (such as important files for that task), task schedules, task lists, svn change sets and more. Sadly, the PHP bridge is not available in Eclipse PDT at the moment, but it is scheduled for PDT 1.1.

Read this article about Mylyn if you want to know more.

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